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. >>> an arlington man is in after an fbi raid. agents tookozen part. house in theed a of north 17th street to conduct the search. >> just hours after they arlington home, announced the arrest of arlington resident. facingyear-old is now gun charges in connection with incident last week were buried alongfound interstate 66. >> i was astonished. >> as part of the investigation, of fbi agents searched this home. authorities scoured the grounds outside. an fbi spokesperson says they were called in. according to neighbors, and agents appeared to be focused on the basement apartment. >> there were a whole bunch of guys with machine guns. >> they came out with a few bags and a cardboard box. weeke weapons on last reportedly include a military machine gun. charged with of a firearm by a convicted felon. neighbors say it is all a bit alarming. >> there is no such thing is kind of neighborhood anymore. bond is being held without arlington county detention center. >> a trial date has been said in with the murder of former redskins safety. four men will face a miami judge. all facingre penalty for tak
will come down. i am more and more confident we will see additional warnings issued probably for arlington alexandria, the district, and montgomery county. the warning just updated on super doppler radar the heaviest of the storms right now moving through central fairfax county off towards the north northeast at about 30 miles per hour. at this point, keep in mind, no tornado warnings. however, it newington 6:00 to west springfield heavy activity. just minutes away. heading towards annandale and falls church by about 6:20 this evening. heading off towards fairfax county reston at 6:15, heavier activity. the latest tornado warning includes the district and the media's to rounding counties all the way south to fredericksburg. project and the media surrounding counties, all the way south to fredericksburg. the good news and all of this, we are looking for things to settle down later tonight. the full forecast and we will keep you updated if there are any additional warnings. >>> the president put the blame on a foil the terror plot against the saudi ambassador squarely on iran. >> during a ne
agents carried boxes of evidence out of a home last night late last night in arlington. neighbors reported seeing agents searching the yard with flashlights. bomb squad units were also on the street. the fbi confirms the raid and tells abc 7 there is no threat to safety. no details are being released. >>> we turn now to a developing story. police called the murders caught on camera. two men are on lose more than 30 hours after a cold-blooded killing on a metrobus on alabama avenue and se. >> they think that somebody boarded the bus and did get to my child. it is scary. it is real scary. >> it happened at this intersection in southeast. these two men boarded a metrobus of around midnight. they point toward a 22-year-old. witnesses say, seconds later one of these men walked up to thompson and shot him in the face. >> if you know him, he is smiling and happy. >> as the family struggles with grief, the two men remain on lose more than 24 hours after the shooting. metro police hope the release of this video will help them capture the suspects. >> i never thought that would take place o
of a long day of pro sports in arlington. 3-1. 3-2. two on with one out. and allen craig never had to swing the bat. here is pujols. feliz, who is 6 for 6 during the postseason in save chances with an e.r.a. of just over 1. he's making it interesting here in the ninth. pujols hitless tonight. he goes after the first pitch. fly ball down the right-field line and moreland can't get there. >> tim: the rangers caught a break because nelson cruz was playing albert pujols so deeply in right field, he couldn't make the play. and obviously you have to respect the power of pujols. so the cardinals actually caught a break there with nelson cruz playing so deep in right field. >> joe: and he's back out there again. >> tim: yeah. i mean, you have to. >> joe: two on, one out. and a breaking ball from feliz is strike 2. pujols into center. gentry to his left. two outs. now the last chance for the cardinals is matt holliday. if he can get berkman to the plate. berkman would represent the tieing run. john daniels, the young general manager, who has done so well here with the rangers. ball 1 outside. >> tim
departamentos a la ciudad de arlington, asi lo hicieron conocer inversionistas que estan interesados en adquirir un espacio en la zona de shirlington. alfredo miranda nos amplia el informe. jose es un jornalero que trabaja en la zona de shirlington en virginia, dice estar entusiasmado con la idea de que la corporacion walmart instale una tienda cerca del lugar donde consigue empleo. generaria mas trabajo en esta área, es lo que estamos necesitando nosotros los jornaleros aquí en shirlington la posibilidad de que walmart ubique una tienda en esta zona ha generado algunas reacciones. aquí hay tremenda concentración de habitantes que realmente son consumidores, y para ellos probablemente les fuera muy bien si van a venir para acá, va a haber mucho mas trafico, pero ta,bien va a dar oportunidades de trabajo. para el director de jornaleros de shirlington ha abierto la duda sobre las consecuencias que generaria para los jornaleros. va a haber mas trafico mucha mas gente vigilando y posiblemente en la cantidad de gente va a haber algunos que no quieren ver este centro aquí. pero también vamo
now, 62 in arlington. 60's. samper and will continue dropping through the afternoon. clouds should start and we sunshine. a little that will be in time for the sunset. a few clouds in the evening. 50's and 40's tonight. lots of sunshine even into sunday. next weekhalf of looks fine. temperatures continuing clear and cold tonight and quick wind out of the west. a nice day on saturday, windy at times. even more pleasant on sunday. next week looks good. the showers possible and by the middle of next week. >>> thank you. coming up, casting a cab could get more expensive. more willing cost to get around arlington? >> later on "anderson," a family opened their home to thirty foster children. becameenerosity then contagious. 7.0 on abc [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question. can the aetna app make you healthier? well, that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view claims, get reminders for mammograms, find in-network doctors, track your health goals... run with it. i got my cholest
are arlington national cemetery. yes, that means walking across arlington memorial bridge to the lincoln memorial and then on to the polo grounds right here next to the mlk memorial or you could take the smithsonian station. >> this group from west palm beach florida came straight here so they can get close. >> thinks something that we no never, never forget >> reporter: that's also why lorraine sheriff from tucson stopped by. >> it made my heartbeat really strong. i have a lot of love for that. the structure is absolutely beautiful and it does look like him. >> reporter: on his 14th birthday, gerald maddox got the perfect birthday gift. i think that's right. we would be nowhere if he didn't stand up for our rights. >> reporter: this dedication is a long overdue cream come true. >> i just hope that the young people here realize what a great sacrifice this was. this is hallowed ground here today. besides the arlington cemetery stop and the schmidt zonian, foggy bottom is also a good stop. but keep in mind it is a is six- block walk. >>> a reminder about our coverage plan for the mlk memo
. there's now a memorial to the victims in arlington national cemetery. >>> new at 6:00 a.m., more prophet your cell phone isn't a -- proof that your cell phone isn't a health risk. the study finds there's no link between cell phone use and cancer. danish researchers followed people for more than a decade. both the food and drug administration and the fcc here in the united states have issued similar reports. >>> investigators will return to the d. c. farmers market today to figure out what started a fire. this was the scene around 10:00 last night at 6th street and florida avenue in northeast. firefighters had to cut through steel bars the attack this fire. several vendors' stands were damaged. luckily no one was hurt. the market is expected to remain open while repairs are being made. >>> at 6:04 now. a look at campaign 2012 in maryland. lawmakers now signed off on a new congressional district map which puts the sixth district into play for the democrats. more than a third of montgomery county is in that district. incumbent republican rosco bartlett will run for an 11th term. former coun
, montgomery and arlington, fairfax counties, right into the low 50s now. near 50 around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley. much of the southern maryland, eastern shore, northern neck low and mid-50s. as the day progresses, we'll have some high clouds drifting in. over the last 12 hours, we've seen them coming in from the south. those are advancing as an area of high pressure is developing over florida. that will come our way. for columbus day, there's the columbus statue at union station, we'll have quite a bit of sunshine. by noontime, mid-70s. make it upper 70s to near 80 by midafternoon. and sunrise later and later. it's at 7:12 this morning. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at the monday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> things are pretty quiet in our area. if you're taking the beltway in montgomery county, still have construction on the inner loop and outer loop taking away the right side. still a lot of green. that means nothing's really slowing you down at all as you make your commute this morning. let's take a live look at 270. thi
in arlington, texas, was one to remember. the texas rangers have the world series lead after taking game five 4-2, the final. hi, everybody. alongside eric karros, a.j. pierzynski of the chicago white sox, i'm chris rose. congratulations to the texas rangers. they lead 3-2 games. they got it done. it seemed that every pitcher out there wiggled in and out of jams be. tu st. louis cardinals i guarantee you, e.k., they are kicking themselveses in the clubhouse now. >> eric: another amazing game, outstanding game. the cardinals are sweating this one, just kicking themselves over this. they left 12 guys on base tonight. that is really hard to do, especially with the heart of their line-up. we have talked before the game about holliday having to step up. other guys, berkman and pujols. guess what? holliday, five guys left on base. three, five guys, nick punto, four guys. the second most they have left on base in a world series game since 1982. game seven. that is a lot of world series games for the cardinals. they didn't get it done one through nine in the line-up tonight. a bad night, we have to mov
are an early trick or treater. temperatures are in the low 50s. it's cool outside. 51 arlington. 50 bethesda. 52 in leesburg. the forecast, by 7:00 temperatures in the low 50s. by 8:00 temperatures around 50. by 9:00 temperatures in the upper 40s. it will be dry through 9:00. we will tell you when the showers will roll in. . >>> still to come on 9news now, fright night. a closer look at the lucrative business of scary people. ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. >>> an iconic washington tour operator called it quits after 42 years. tour mobile that operated the buses on the mall seized operations due to financial issues according to a u.s. parks service spokesman. as many as 200 employees are out of work. >> i never thought this day would come but it's
, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, as well as across most of virginia and maryland. eastern shore a bit milder. there in the low to mid-50s, parts of southern maryland, northern neck, right near the waters. away from the waters, farther west, we're down in the 40s. just in the low 40s much of western maryland and west virginia. those showers came through overnight. now they're long gone replaced by a clear sky. we do have patchy dense fog, especially in northern virginia. we have reports that some of the visibilities are down to a quarter mile or less. watch out for that. allow yourself extra time. could have low visibility as you head out on this tuesday morning, very early. sunrise at 7:27. temperatures by 9:00 should be into the low 60s. we should soar to near 70 by midafternoon with lots of sunshine. a delightful october day coming up. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at your tuesday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> so far the area looks pretty good right now. seeing a lot of green. not anything really slowing you down. the beltw
... una escuela en la ciudad de arlington virginia, esta en riesgo de perder su acreditacion, tras haber recibido una advertencia por parte del departamento de educacion del estado por no haber alcanzado el porcentaje de graduaciones requerido... alfredo miranda, nos amplia.... body la escuela escuela secundaria wakefiled de arlington, acaba de recibir malas noticias, el departamento de educacion de virginia no le concedio la acreditacion total. el estado ha decidido implementar un nuevo indice de graduación y finalización como parte de la acreditación con el estado, hasta solo era en base a los standards de aprendizaje, los cuales hemos alcanzado plenamente. segun autoridades de educacion del estado de virginia, en la escuela wakefield solo se graduo el 77 por ciento de los estudiantes de los 81% requeridos como minimo. tiene una manera de evaluar a las escuelas secundarias con unn puntaje especial donde determina el numero de estudiantes que entraron a la escuela y el numero de estudiantes que se graduaron de la escuela. el director del establecimient o nos explica el por que de est
in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties out in western maryland and west virginia now, the mid-40s, there's quite a bit of cloudiness around there this morning. over the last 12 hours, we've had clouds streaming in from the south. a few sprinkles are showing up now just to the west of the shenandoah valley just south of petersburg there in west virginia. sprinkle,tending to dissipate as they head off to the east. right now it's mostly cloudy in the shenandoah valley. from the blue ridge east, it's a partly cloudy morning. thin crescent moon just now rising, and we have our temperatures around the region holding steady here in the 40s for the next couple of hours. by 9:00 into the 50s. hit the mid-60s or so, maybe even upper 60s briefly by midafternoon. a mild afternoon coming up and a small chance of a passing shower later this afternoon or perhaps early this evening. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the monday traffic? >> good morning. >>> checking roadways for you. so far we look pretty good in our area. let's take the drive
germantown... si usted ha visto a este niÑo, contacte a la policia inmediatamente... en arlington, pronto usted podria tener que pagar mas, si viaja por taxi.. ya que el condado esta considerando aumentar los cobros por viaje en 25 centavos, ademas de 50 centavos por cada pasajero mayor de 11 anhos... el aumento seria el primero desde el 2008... aun con el incremento, arlington continuaria teniendo el menor costo en la region.. una serie de audiencias publicas sobre el tema iniciaran en los proximos dias... y esta manana, los dolores de cabeza de miles de usuarios de la linea roja de metro se debio a un incendio en la estacion de union en washington... una falla electrica en el tercer riel ocaciono una evacuacion y la suspension del servicio temporalmente... usuarios se quedaron barados dentro de los vagones.. a estas horas, el servicio ha regresado a la normalidad... cerca de una docena de personas fueron arrestadas durante un operativo en un mercado publico esta manana... la policia del distrito y agentes del servicio de inmigracion y control de aduanas confiscaron mercancia falsa,
night during rush hour. investigators say that the 64- year-old of arlington was hit while trying to cross the northbound lanes near the glebe road exit. leiby had already crossed all the southbound lanes. police are trying to figure out why he was walking on the interstate. >>> a developing story from new dark city. investigators try to find out what caused the deadly helicopter crash in the east river. >> it went down yesterday afternoon on 343 just moments after taking off. the five people on board the helicopter including a woman from sydney, australia who was celebrating her 40th birthday. she died in the crash. >> we witnessed two men holding on to the chopper when we arrived. both of the men were screaming back there were people in the stopper. >> three other people onboard were hurt. two of them critically. the pilot swam ashore and was not hurt. right before the crash, the pilot reported problems with the helicopter and said he was turning around. >>> washington national cathedral was damaged by the earthquake and faces a long road to recovery and a hefty price tag. the r
for combat operations in afghanistan. >> about this time last year we learned arlington agency wracked with very serious problems. reports showed arlington national cemetery was in a word disorganized. remains were put in wrong graves and some weren't even marked. the army put in new management and today they told lawmakers about the changes they are making. the army said records have been organized, modern eyed and made more transparent. >> a year ago i couldn't have told you what was happening at arlington national cemetery on any given day. this morning while we are sitting here i can tell you they plan to do 34burials and that's within the website. >> not everybody is satisfied. some lawmakers argue it would be better run by the department of veteran's affair that operate more than 130 cemeteries across the country. >> you have heard it before. time and time again, there is an app for that. it's true for just about anything now there are apps that provide life saving advice when it comes to your child's safety. >> megan pringle shows us a few of them. >> reporter: this is a tim
was arrested in june after being spotted near arlington national cemetery at dark. he was then connected to a rash of car break-ins in leesburg. melaku will face additional charges after the loudoun county sheriff's office said last month he tried to escape from jail. >>> republican presidential candidates will take the stage again tonight for a debate focused solely on the economy. the bloomberg and "washington post" sponsored debate is being held at dartmouth college in one of the most important primary states, new hampshire. the candidates will be seated side by side in a round table format to promote more interaction. questions will cover unplacement, the nation's debt, and taxes. >>> president obama is gearing up for the upcoming election as well. the president will stop for a fund-raiser, but first he'll stop in pittsburgh to raise support for his jobs bill. he'll meet with union leaders about the american jobs act, a bill he says can put americans immediately back on the job. >>> labor leaders could help win bipartisan support for the president's jobs bill. the council on jobs and
davis their arlington cemetery. >> i met my husband here. i was a narrator and he was the bus driver. >> as for the 2 million tourists to use the buses, there are other options like the open top bosses, the circulator but none of them are allowed inside arlington cemetery. >> i like the idea, especially with kids. >> there are other restrictions on the remaining tour buses and bikes. they cannot have kiosks and are now supposed to pick out or drop off passengers along the mall. those are issues the park service is looking at. but as for this final day melvyn bruce thomas -- sums up his 40 years of service. >> every day is special greeting the world's -- greeting the world here. >> there is no word on when a new contract will be issued. your rhetorical arlington cemetery, you will be walking. >> -- if you are tory arlington cemetery you will be walking. >>> herman cain was a tough questions after accusations of sexual harassment. we have his response coming up. >>> a judge rules the lululemon border trial jury may never hear about a motive. >>> and the district is ready
to arlington where there may be a hike in the cost of a cab. they are considering whether to raise the taxi fare 25 cents and add money for passengers 12 and older. they will be required to accept credit cards by april of 2012. this is still in the early stages. the next step is to schedule a hearing. 9,000 taxi trips are taken in arlington every day. >>> getting rid of stink bugs is expensi expensive. $5.7 million to develop nonchemical ways to get rid of the pests. they have championed the effort to eradicate the bug from hell. it will be on pheromone based traps. >>> the smarter, faster iphone 4s hits store shelves today. customers lined up across the country to get one. there's an improved camera and faster operating system. it allows you to send text messages using your voice and content without a computer. this is apple's first product launch since the death of co-founder, steve jobs last week. >>> you think iphones are popular? check this out. it's the annual running of the brides. doors opened at 8:00 this morning in northwest washington. dresses that usually cost thousands of dolla
investigating after a stash of weapons was found on an arlington trail. >>> and the rain is making for a slow going commute around the d.c. region. will it stick around for tomorrow? thanks for joining us tonight, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. >>> the woman accused of a vicious stabbing outside a lanham target store yesterday is held without bond. antoinette starks is the same woman who in 2005 was found guilty of stabbing two women in a nordstrom's store. starks was released from a state institution back in august. fox 5's paul wagner starts us off. >> reporter: antoinette starks has spent the better part of the last several years in a mental hospital. she was released in august and moved into this house in bowie. >> i think we were both absolutely in in disbelief. >> reporter: kenneth trombly is an attorney who represented one of the victims in the nordstrom attack. he said he was told starks had been ponding well to treatment. >> we were led to -- responding well to treatment. >> we were led to believe the mental health authorities made it a fining she was safe to be rele
's, and fairfax counties. arlington county in the mid-40s. maryland in the upper 40s near the bay. manassas down to 41 there. 40s shenandoah valley as well as in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. a clear sky and generally calm wind. that's allowed these temperatures to really plummet. this cold weather coming in on the heels of that gusty wind we had yesterday. we have just a few clouds in central west virginia and southern shenandoah valley. quite a bit of sunshine. sunrise at 7:23. crescent moon in the southeastern sky. temperatures by 9:00 low 50s. then a few clouds developing this afternoon. we should climb into the low 60s by early to midafternoon. that wind coming in out of the northwest later today. may be gusting up around 20 miles an hour from time to time. if you have plans for this friday evening, you'll wand to watch the evening planner. that will be in ten minutes at 6:11. danella, good morning. how's the traffic now? >> good morning. >>> i am seeing the volume increase just a bit. so far no accidents. that's a good thing. so taking the outer loop of the beltway,
a.m. >>> you might soon have to shell out a little extra money for cab fares in arlington. there is a proposal to raise the basic taxi fare by 25 cents. there would be an extra 50 cents for each passenger 12 years old or older. this will be the first fare hike there since '08. cabs will be required to accept credit cards starting next april in arlington. >>> we are learning more tonight about the president's bus tour starting in north carolina on monday, tuesday the president stops in hampton in virginia and north carolina and virginia are traditionally republican states but the president managed to win those states in 2008. tonight he is keeping the pressure on lawmakers on capitol hill to pass his jobs plan even though they are making moves to replace it with a plan of their own. we go live to capitol hill with more. tara? >> reporter: hi, lesli. yes, president obama is back on the red again today talking trade and jobs and as you said republicans here at home are touting a jobs plan of their own. >> good afternoon. what's your name? >> reporter: probable took south kore
memorial at the airport, bearing his name in arlington. >>> new at 6:00, a date for the unveiling of a statue at reagan national airport honoring its name sake. this morning, the washington airport authority announced that new statue of ronald reagan will be on permanent display. it's going to be outside the airport's terminal a. planning and design cost $445,000. >>> the transportation department says the government's plan to modernize our air traffic control system has run into some serious problems. and those problems threaten to delay the upgrade and make it more pricey. the faa plans to replace the current system with one based on satellite technology. but some software problems have delayed full deployment of a critical flight tracking system. >> we are all plugged in these days, be it on our computers, at home, or at work. despite the warnings of dangers of taking that technology with you behind the wheel, some people still seem unwilling to just hang up and drive. a new survey by the aaa foundation for traffic safety found 95% of the people said they know it's dangerous t
. they are part of the capital bike share program in the district in arlington county and soon in alexandria as well. short term rental prices are going up to help pay for expansion. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: just over a year old, the capital bike share program is expanding all over the city, into arlington and soon to alexandria. >> i have seen the bikes. i have my own bike, i don't use that service, but it's great to see people on the street. >> i love it. i plan to get on it this weekend. >> in a warehouse in southwest washington, hundreds of bikes are prepped and repaired for use in the city. >> for our anniversary/birthday, we have 16,000 annual members. exceeded our expectations. >> a new higher at the tourist and casual riders. longer memberships are staying the same price. >> 99% of the trips are less than 30 minutes. there's more diversity for visitors and the casual members. >> reporter: the system moved from alternative source of transportation to mainstream. >> it functions as another type of transit. it's readily accessible to a wide variety of people. the bikes themsel
and it was all caught on tape. last monday in arlington, a thief stole what police call a bait truck with the secret camera in the front seat. at this one point, he opens the door and literally hangs out of the truck and plows right into a house. no one was hurt, but the thief escaped. >>> in michigan, also caught on surveillance video, a 9-year-old designated driver. so it may be a little tough to see, but that is her pulling into a gas station near detroit, michigan, about 3:00 a.m. last week. she and her father went into the store to pay, and he told the clerk that let her drive because he was drunk. someone called police and they pulled her over. >> when he opened the door, he saw the 9-year-old girl sitting on the booster seat operating the vehicle and asked her how old she was. she said 9 and then she asked the uniform officer why he was pulling her over, that she was driving pretty good. >> the father has been charged with felony child abuse. >>> straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, many happy returns as the jets leave the dolphins in the dust for a muc
in critical condition. >>> arlington county police are working with the fbi to investigate a very weird discovery. some weapons parts and pipes were found yesterday along patrick henry drive at interstate 66. police say parts of weapons were found inside pvc pipes but no explosives were found. the fbi says a gun, however, was found as well. >>> at naval station norfolk, a somber memorial. the names of the 17 sailors killed in the bombing of the u.s.s. cole were read aloud on the 11th anniversary of that attack. some of the 40 sailors wounded were there and also relatives of those who did not survive. the man accused of carrying out the attack in yemen is finally set for arraignment next month at guantanamo. >>> as many as 18 people were injured when two amtrak trains collided in california this morning. authorities say one train was parked at the station, dropping off passengers when it was hit from behind. federal investigators are looking into what caused this crash. >>> coming up on 9news now at noon, see what you get when you order a $35,000 dessert at a very posh hotel in england!
, i think we'll see the same game tomorrow night. >> tim: i do, too. all three games in arlington will be like this. maybe not 18 runs scored in the first six innings but you get the drift. >> joe: tomorrow night is itwin jackson and derek holland. the count goes to 2-1 for holland who said coming in the series would change in the ballpark, the third and fourth starters. you have to wait until game five to get back to the top guys. chris carpenter and c.j. wilson. nelson cruz went back for the first and for the second. two outs. >> tim: meanwhile, if you look at a guy like michael gonzalez. as you look at edwin jackson, holland, the starters tomorrow night, "mike and mike" gonzalez was obtained by the rangers on august 31 and it was thought he would be pitching against the new york yankees or the boston red sox to win the lcs for texas. they haven't even played them because of the demise of the red sox and the collapse and the yankees were beaten by the tigers. >> joe: they were adding to their left-handed short relief because of the left-handed bats that the team featured. >> tim
in arlington. 60 in bethesda. mid 60s in rockville. but still this is a good deal temperature wise. satellite picture radar combined, we're going to zoom into the rockies. denver is going to get hammered with snow tomorrow and tomorrow night as are the mountains. but the second reason i'm zooming in is because the same system that could bring us a cold rain on saturday and perhaps bring snow to our mountains on saturday. in the meantime, we are clear, clouds will come in tomorrow. but we're in good shape for the next 24 hours. so here's the deal. the next cold front is thursday. this will be a stronger front than what we saw last night. breezy and cool overnight. still mild tomorrow. you'll need your umbrella for thursday and breezy and cooler on friday. kind of signaling a little bit of a pattern change, if you will. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy. 46 to 52 and winds southwesterly at 10 to 15. so even thought cold front wasn't through last night, a couple sprinkles, not doing a lot. 47 tonight in gaithersburg and rockville. # 2 in arlington. 48 in bowie and 48 in fairfax and reston. tom
elected. >>> thousands hit the streets of d.c. in arlington this morning for the 27th annual army ten-miler. here are some photos from the finish, as the winner, a 27-year-old, crossed the finish line. he was part of a team honoring david wynn francis, an army vet who died last month. some 30,000 runners signed up for the race, which is the third largest ten-miler in the world. runners came from all 50 states. >>> the brazilian miners come to washington tonight to see an exhibit that's all about them. >>> and who doesn't love a couple gallons of chili to eat? extreme eating come to washington after the break. and soak up the sun whilist ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> sir paul mccartney is a married man once again. the former beatle married hairess nancy thshafl. >>> it's been one year since the rescue of 33 trapped miners in chile. two of them were in
away from the start of the 2011 marine corps marathon. that means big road closures around arlington and washington. 30,000 runners will start in arlington. roads close at 6:00 a.m. and reopen as the race passes. all roads expected to be back open by 1:30 in the afternoon. metro will start at 5:00 a.m. use it. >>> still ahead tonight, the website that has launched thousands of viral videos announces a new venture to bring regularly scheduled programs to your computer. shaq in there somewhere, apparently. >>> plus, the clue that police say solved the howard university student's murder. and rain, snow, or shine. halloween revellers have taken to the streets of washi ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> police say a handprint led them to the suspect responsible for a murder. william knight was arrested. he shot guiden in an offcampus apartment. a memorial serv
. it will run from near the pentagon in arlington and across the memorial bridge into washington before returning to the pentagon area. route 110 and boundary channel drive in arlington will be closed starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning. all other roads along that route will close at 7:30. there will be no parking at pentagon north and limited access to pentagon south parking. metro opens at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >>> he's the only pianist to have a number-one record on the billboard pop charts. roger williams, the piano man to the presidents, has died. this is video of williams playing the piano at the ronald reagan presidential library. he played for every president from harry tuman to george h.w. bush. he liked to improvise on the keyboard. he died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. roger williams was 87 years old. >>> still ahead tonight, kids with courage under pressure. >> i thought she was in pain. i thought is she going to be okay. >> coming up, special recognition for youngsters whose quick thinking likely saved a life. >>> and pretty tense moments as a plane makes
: mike adams takes over. adams was the winner in that 11-inning game two in arlington. we go to the bottom of the eighth, tied 3-3. ogando two innings, one run on one hit. home run by inge. two strike-out, one walk. first up. raburn. >> joe: adams picked up at the deadline from san diego. john daniels added to his bullpen. >> joe: here is a 1-0. it looks like vavlerde will come on in the ninth inning. he is still getting loose. he has been warming for a while now. don't forget that big weapon that the rangers have in their pen in neftali feliz. >> joe: 2-1. >> tim: about a week before the deal was made, the rangers traded for adams, the rumor was, and a pretty strong rumor is that heath bell would be the padres trade and not adam. kind of surprised a lot of people. adams ended up with the range rangers. >> joe: the count goes to 3-1. with a big bat of miguel cabrera on deck. and then victor martinez. rangers lead two games to one. game four tied at three. >> joe: to the one away. we look ahead to tomorrow, game five of the alcs. at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific, that's when we c
preocupantemente en aumento en los condados de loudon, fairfax, arlington, y culpeper... el fbi ha categorizado esta region en el lugar numero 14 donde mas se realizan estas practicas, y exhorta a la comunidad a poner mayor atencion y buscar ayuda sobretodo con menores en riesgo... en el condado de montgomery surgen protestas por los planes para redisenar los distrito electorales como consecuencia de los cambios poblacionales... los que protestan dicen que los mas perjudicados seran los miembros de las minorias como la hispana..claudia uceda nos explica.. legisladores locales y estatales democratas de descendencia minoritaria en maryland, se enfrentan al propio gobernador de su estado: martin omalley.... la razon? este mapa congresional distrital... 'este mapa que esta proponiendo es lo que divide el condado en 3 partes donde hay una concentracion de comunidad latina..." dicen que esta propuesta de distribucion de distritos congresionales no refleja el aumento de la poblacion latina...seria mas dificil que un candidato latino sea elegido a nivel estatal... "llego el momento de aceptar y de ad
overcast as we continued through the afternoon especially into the evening. 50 degrees in arlington. we have a frosting on the grass from the saturday snowfall in arlington. cold morning temperatures earlier today. below freezing across most of the region. if 36 at reagan national. immediately along the waterways warmer, above freezing. 28 degrees in hagerstown earlier. here's a look at the cloud cover. and our level disturbance shifting overhead. that is helping to increase the cloud cover, which is mudskipper in west virginia -- which is much thicker in west virginia, but it is moving in our direction. there's a big dip in the jet stream and that's moving over the east coast. all that combined with a weak area of low pressure over florida, showers organizing and moving up the coastline combos will interact with the jet stream and cause another coastal low pressure system, but nothing like what we had on saturday. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle this evening east of interstate 95. that is the key. east of 95. one person in your group should have an umbrella when you are trick-o
to washington, radar now scanning the sky. just a few sdaterred sprinkles in prince georges, arlington, fairfax. but farther to the north, there's more rain to the north of baltimore, heading off east into northeastern maryland. right now, off to a fairly mild start, we're in the 50s to near 60s. right around washington, we're in the mid 50s in prince georges, arlington and fairfax counties. generally, most locations in the 50s and some 60s showing off in west virginia. quite a mild start compared to what we're going to see this time tomorrow morning. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning. mid 60s by noon time, maybe a passing shower, as well. by midafternoon, maybe even upper 60s in a few locations. but then turning chillier tonight. in fact, we may have a freeze this time tomorrow morning. a look at your evening planner, that will be in ten minutes. here is a look at the thursday morning commute. good morning, danella. >> good morning. as you drive today, pass connecticut avenue, seeing an accident in the left shoulder lane. checking traffic in that area, yo
. just near 40 in fairfax and arlington. low 40s in prince george's county and northern neck, eastern shore. it's a cold start but still a frost advisory out for these counties. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and carroll counties and up into western pennsylvania. so there's a chance of a little frost forming over the next couple of hours. sunrise at 7:31. we'll have a partly sunny morning through midday but a chilly morning. only in the 40s through much of the morning. may get into the low 50s by early afternoon and clouding up by late afternoon. i don't think we're going to see any snow tonight, but there's a possibility tomorrow. the evening planner will be coming up here in about ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the friday commute? >>> a couple of accidents to slow you down. start in virginia. southbound richmond highway at kings highway, all your lanes are blocked due to an accident there. southbound 270 in maryland at montgomery village avenue, only the left lane gets by that accident. checking the travel in that area, so far traffic is still light. i just
the heavy rain. >>> a quick heads up tonight. arlington county telling us tomorrow it will test its outdoor warning system. so if you hear some loud sirens going off around 10 a.m. do not be alarmed. >>> topper, there were some emergency messages about severe weather that had people in our newsroom jumpy. >> supposed to be an internal test not from sterling. >> national weather service. >> headquarters in silver spring. and they it put the word test in the body of the warning but they encoded it wrong so it triggered all of our alert systems and it went out and caused quite a stir. >> it was from headquarters in silver spring. all right, let's take about the next batch of showers because we got rid of one batch earlier. now see another batch out to the west of us, ohio, kentucky, about to enter west virginia. and this will more than likely about our wet morning commute on thursday. rest of the showers are pretty much history. generally less than a 10th of an inch rolled through the metro area earlier this afternoon. temperatures really still fairly mild really. 61 in arlington. 62 downtown.
in gaithersburg, 49 in arlington, 48 downtown, but 47 in college park and bowie, and 49 at waldorf. this is a far cry from our 60s. they will be held in the 50s past midnight. 46 in reston and 46 in fairfax. sterling at 45. maybe 45 in leesburg and manassas as well. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and breezy. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. we're still going to have the southwest wind, 10 to 15, at least through the morning hours. but by the afternoon, we'll be pretty nice. partly cloudy and cool, yes, but nice. highs around 60. and the winds not much of a factor. winds, only northwest at about 10. so that will feel a little more comfortable for you. highs then on friday, temperatures should make it to 60 everywhere. maybe even 63 in arlington and springfield. but barely 60 in gaithersburg and college park and bowie. maybe low 60s in waldorf, but you get out here in sterling and leesburg, you'll be creeping. we'll say 60 in leesburg and 60 also in manassas. all right, the zone forecast, well, west of the device, oakland held in the 30s today, we'll put you in the tomorrow. more sunshine,
in just a bit. >>> we have breaking news right now out of arlington. metro tells us that the station is closed right now. a person has been struck by a train. orange line riders should expect delays. blue line riders are also affected by delays. a metro spokesperson says it looks like the person may have jumped in front of the train shortly before 5:00 p.m. today. >>> odds are you have a computer or a laptop or an ipad or some other way to stay connected. how many phones do you need? according to a new survey, the number of devices being used in the u.s. exceeds the number of people living here. that would be 328 million devices versus 315 million people. lots of devices. >>> today is the last day for you to weigh in on whether license groups in the state of virginia should be able to turn down a prospective adopted parent. now the attention the topic is getting on our facebook page is any indication, virginia's board of social services has a lot to consider. very heated opinions. janine bennett asked, isn't it more important that the parents provide for the child spiritually, finan
50s in arlington and springfield and downtown. 48 in college park. probably only 50 in waldorf. upper 40s in reston and fairfax and sterling and probably mid 40s toward leesburg and manassas. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cool. you need your sunglasses to start. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds southwest 10 to 20 and gusty and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and milder. clouds will come in late. high temperatures around 70 and winds increase southwest at 10 to 20 and a little bit on the gusty side. let's talk about the day planner. 46 to 52 to start. just kind of cool. nice by noon. 59 to 65 and by evening, 66 to 71. clouds will be moving in. all right. next seven days, showers on thursday, can't escape that. we are mild in the mid 60s. dry on friday, but much cooler. 57. and then the chance for that cold rain on saturday, depending on where that storm tracks, only 50 for a high. that would be snow in our mountains and then nice on sunday no matter what happens on saturday with temperatures on the chilly side. >> chilly in the morning on sunday. >> and ni
. >> the closest subway stop are arlington national cemetery. yes, that means walking across arlington memorial bridge to the lincoln memorial and to the sites next to the mlk memorial. or you can take the smithsonian station. >> this group from west palm beach, florida, came straight to the memorial today so they could get close to it. on sunday, no word on when the crowd will be allowed access. >> we know this is just something that we will never, never forget. >> that's also why lorain from tucson stopped by. >> it made my heartbeat really strong. i have a lot of love for that. the structure is absolutely beautiful and it does look like him. >> and on today, his 14th birthday, he has gotten the perfect gift. >> i think it is nice, because we wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for him stepping up for our rights. >> from people too young to remember dr. king to those who lived through the civil rights movement with him. this dedication is a long overdue dream come true. >> and i just hope the young people here realize what a great sacrifice this was. this is hallow ground here today. >>
in here. over in arlington, clarendon area, there has been a water main break affecting wilson boulevard, the center lane is blocked at wilson boulevard. we'll take a live look at 66 inside the beltway here at leesburg pike. no problems as you head to the roosevelt bridge. let's head back out to the map. we'll zoom into 95. the yellow cars indicate slow traffic from newington into springfield. we'll take a live look at 395 at shirlington. no problems up to the 14th street bridge. now, your travel times. on the inbound side of i-66, 7100 to the beltway, 12 minutes. the beltway, 95 to 270 northside is 12 minutes right now. in my next report, we'll update you on the bw parkway at 6:12. mike and andrea? >> at the top of the hour, let's get a check on some of the stories happening today that we'll be following for you. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be here in washington. the arizona democrat will attend a retirement ceremony for her husband, nasa astronaut mark kelley. she won't take care of any business on capitol hill. giffords was wounded in an assassination attempt last january. >
for people driving in arlington and the district the army 10-miler race will create a back up it kicks off at 8:00 a.m., goes across the arlington memorial bridge across the national mall and downtown runners then head back to arlington. >>> it sure looks like a great day for a run we are taking a live picture there, looks like if i can see yes, looks like a couple wheelchair racers out there as well along the finish line waiting for those runners to come in, an exciting day across the region we will check with gwen to see what the rest of the holiday weekend will look like. >> good morning melanie. great weather for racers out there, a lot of things happening downtown today this is the perfect day to get out have a wonderful brunch the weather will co-operate yesterday, 75 degrees at national airport, 75 dulles, 75 baltimore now temperatures some 3 to 4 degrees but not into the nippy 50s like a week or so ago for daytime highs, it is our morning temperature now, 55 degrees, humidity 86%. winds calm, nothing to show on satellite radar composite a few clouds well to the south, other than th
promising young daughter. in a lonely corner of arlington national cemetery, she rises in memory of the 270 people killed. 270 stones inscribed with the victims names. fiona hunter scott has lived in d.c. for 20 years felt compelled to find him. >> he was the ones that i believe sanctioned it, ordered it, and therefore, you know, the one responsible. >> reporter: she brought a bouquet of hydrangeas. >> i don't know. a sense of closure. >> you never come to closure when you have lost your only child. >> reporter: she has struggled with the death of her 20-year- old daughter on flight 103. >> i'm choked up all day. they were meant to speak. it just stretches up the horror and the pain that we have gone through. >> reporter: her home is a shrine to her daughter's memory, but we spoke to her by phone from hawaii. >> she was deprived of her beautiful life, but she will be in good spirit. >> reporter: she e rejoiced at the news of gadhafi's stretch. but she still worries about libya's future. >> yes, release it. release it all and just a prayer that there won't be another gadhafi. >> reporter: he
're getting a taste of tacos from district taco in arlington. we're joined by hoile. there's potatoes here. what's that all about? >> those are for breakfast tacos. they're from out of in texas. flour tortilla or corn tortilla. we can cook eggs. we have -- >> you tell me that's a sausage? >> a mexican sausage, correct. we have the bacon here as well. so, pretty much, what we do is we set up the tortilla, taco day, see it? >> eggs and sausage. so, we're going to mix them so we can make you -- >> now, he's doing some eggs. let's talk about your story. he was in construction. you were in construction back in 2008 and your company started how? >> we start with the taco, four by eight by eight trailer. my business partner used to be my neighbor back then. we got together. we used to drink some beers. we make some great food. let's start a taco stand. he put this together. that's how we started it. >> you started your own business after your construction job went away because of the recession. >> i got laid off. >> now, it has done so well you've started your own store. >> we have the new rest
and centreville. i'm getting word of the water main break in arlington at washington boulevard at wilson boulevard. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at maryland roads at 5:17. back to you, mike. >>> thanks, monika. making news now at 5:10, a third person has died after a shooting at a northern california limestone quarry. seven others were wounded. some have life-threatening injuries. police say a disgruntled employee opened fire on his fellow employees. the search is underway for the suspect. >> mortar patrol agents are investigating a human smuggling case in southern california. an overloaded boat came ashore early wednesday. agents found a body inside and a man with a broken arm nearby. they took 13 more illegal immigrants into custody a short distance away. most had to go to the hospital with sprains and broken bones. >>> she's been teasing republicans for months. 2008 vice presidential candidate sarah palin announced last night she will not be running for president. the former alaska governor says she would not seek a third party nomination. she said that would lead to president
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